For everybody that has signed up for a course in spring 2020:

Thank you very much for being patient with us so far. 
Covid-19 is still blocking our way to present courses. 


Which means that we hope that after May 20th things will change.
We keep you informed. 

If you are sure about cancelling your course(s), you can get your money back.
Please send a message on email to penningmeester@hsa.nl, with opleidingen@hsa.nl in cc.. 

If you still hope to become a surf instructor and/or want to do the water safety course we would like to ask you not to email us back and wait for us to email you about the coming available courses and how we are organizing this. 

Stay fit & surf with care.


De commissie opleidingen houdt zich bezig met het structureren en verzorgen van opleidingen met als doel de professionaliteit van de surfsport in Nederland te versterken.

Op moment zijn er 5 opleidingen die worden aangeboden